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European Style and Design

Interview With Conway Lloyd Morgan on European Design

In an era of globalisation can one speak of a European and national design character?

Peter Maly

Peter Maly Biography and Interview

Peter Maly furniture designs are produced and sold by leading manufacturers in Europe and worldwi

Stefan Lengyel

Stefan Lengyel Biography

Since 1992 Stefan Lengyel has been professor honoris causa at the Hungarian University of Craft and Design of Budapest.

Luigi Caccia Dominioni

Luigi Caccia Dominioni Biography & Interview

Luigi Caccia Dominioni has been very active both as an architect and as a designer and can be considered one of its pioneers in Italy.

Wilhelm Braun-Feldweg

Wilhelm Braun-Feldweg Biography

Wilhelm Braun-Feldweg learned his profession as a steel engraver and worked in the 1920s in the Peter Bruckmann & Söhne silverware factory.

Friedrich Becker Biography

"Friedrich Becker is one of the outstanding celebrity artists of our times. As an internationally renowned goldsmith, a creator of kinetic jewellery a...Read More

Tobia Scarpa

Afra and Tobia Scarpa Biography

They graduated in Architecture at the University of Venice and have worked both as architects and designers.

Tapio Wirkkala

Tapio Wirkkala Biography

Tapio Wirkkala started his career in designing glassware for Iittala. Most famous of his early glass items is perhaps Kanttarelli (Chanterelle, 1946) ...Read More

Eva Brummer textile designer

Eva Brummer Biography

Eva Brummer was an art teacher who designed ryijy patterns,tapestries and household textiles.

Barceloformentor Old World Charm world famous client list

Barceloformentor – Classic hotel & design

Barceloformentor, classic old world charm and world famous client list

Street Fashion and big business

Street Fashion, Design and Business

Design stands for designers, designer groups, artists and all creative people in the broadest possible way.

British Design

Defining Cultural Diversity and National Identity in 21st Century British Design.

The 21st century image of London continues to be a compelling one with a high cultural status. The young and the rich who come to visit, experience a ...Read More

MoMA - the Museum of Modern Art New York
old olivetti tech

Developing technology for design research

Using design technology to improve design and what are the three different stages in the development of technology?

Designers as Knowledge Workers

Designers as Knowledge Workers

Designers rely on three kinds of knowledge: users knowledge, organisational knowledge and network knowledge. Find out more.

the Designmuseo - Finland

the Designmuseo – Finland

The Designmuseo is a place people will enjoy themselves and where objects will not “end up” but “get into”

Carlo Scarpa

Carlo Scarpa Biography

Carlo Scarpa Venice (1906 – Sendai 1978) Carlo Scarpa grew up in Venice in the company of the artists and intellectuals he encountered at t...Read More

Franco Albini

Franco Albini Biography

Franco Albini (17 October 1905 – 1 November 1977) Albini read architecture at the Milan Polytechnic where he obtained his degree in 1929. After workin...Read More

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