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Henry Moore War Images London

Henry Moore – Row of Sleepers 1986

Tapestry woven by Joan Baxter and Chris Cochius (cotton warp and wool, cotton, and linen weft):

Bauhaus Wassily Chair Marcel Breuer

THE WASSILY CHAIR (B3) by Marcel Breuer

The Model B3 (Wassily Chair) was one of the earliest products to emerge from the Dessau Bauhaus and helped consolidate the school’s reputation as the ...Read More

a quick guide to wedding and bridal showers

A quick guide to Bridal Shower Etiquette

Quite simply, traditionally a Bridal Shower is an all-female party and a Wedding Shower is a mixed-gender party during which both the bride and groom ...Read More

paimio chair

The Paimio Sanatorium Chair

Whichever Paimio chair you prefer, you cannot help but marvel at Aalto’s sculptural tour de force that inspired some of the greatest designers of the ...Read More

Wedding Showers and Covid

Wedding Showers and Covid

Having a Wedding Shower in the middle of Covid may seem a laughable idea, but perhaps its what you need. If so, we tell you how

AI WEIWEI Arts and design

Ai Weiwei and his 600 days of flowers

The work of Chinese Dissident artist Ai Weiwei can sometimes be a bit obscure, his 600 days of flowers protest against his government’s confiscation o...Read More

Barcelo Formentor Classic Luxury Mallorcan Hotel
Herman Miller COSM chair review

Herman Miller its history and timeline

Herman Miller, its timeline, Key products and its history.

ergonomic office chair
How to choose a cheap office chair for your home or office

Get the best office chair for the money

We let you know what you should look for when choosing a good value task chair for your home or office.

Platner chair

The Platner Armchair by Warren Platner for Knoll International

If you want a chair that exudes modern glamour, one with all the curves and padding in the right places, a Marilyn Monroe of chairs, look no further t...Read More

Why do Herman Miller chairs cost so much

Why do Herman Miller Office Chairs Cost So Much?

All of this costs money, the designers, the scientists and the behavioural analysts don't come cheap. Combined with Herman Millers decision to follow ...Read More

Where to buy cheap Herman Miller Office Chairs
ELDA armchair Joe Colombo

Joe Colombo and the glove like Elda armchair

Designed to engulf a person, transporting them away to another planet, the Elda is an armchair fit for Colombo's house of the future.

Nordic Design Review

Five tips on working from home and how to stay sane

For a lot of us, working from home will become the new normal and over time we will embrace it and start to wonder how we ever put up with the stupidi...Read More

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