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Erik Buch Bar Stool Review

Erik Buch Bar Stool

The Erik Buch Bar Stool. The Bar Stool that launched a thousand cocktails.

G Plan 6250R Easy Chair Review

The G Plan 6250R Easy Chair

Just have to look at the Chesterfield-style and wingback points and imagine what would have gone on in the most recognized British armchair of the six...Read More

mid century furniture design

Mid-century American Furniture Design

Mid-century American Furniture Design and key post-war designers

Herman Miller Logitech Embody Gaming Chair Review
Nouhaus Ergoflip Office Chair Review

Nouhaus Ergoflip Office Chair Review

The Nouhaus Ergoflip is a good quality ergonomic office chair from a highly reputable company.

Grete Jalk GJ Chair Review

GJ Chair by Grete Jalk and Poul Jeppesen

With the GJ Chair, Grete Jalk took the early plywood experiments of the Eameses and Alvar Aalto to a whole new level.

Djinn Chair in 2001 a Space Odyssey Chair History

The Djinn chair and Kubrick’s 2001: a Space Odyssey

Twenty-four year old Olivier Mourgue's organic chairs, inspired by Islamic mythological ‘genie’ spirits, create an impressive silhouette

Herman Miller Aeron Chair Review

How to correctly size your Aeron Chair

This reference helps people select A-, B-, or C-size chairs when the three sizes are not available for actual test sitting.

Charles Pollock executive chair by Knoll International

Charles Pollock Executive Chair, by Knoll

The Pollock Executive Chair, is still available and still meets the same exacting specifications as when it was created by Pollock and Knoll in 1963.

Tulip Chair by Eero Saarinen History

The Tulip Chair by Eero Saarinen

Highly competitive, Eames (for Herman Miller) and Saarinen (for Knoll), loved the thrill of cutting each other up with a headline-making design.

Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair History

Arne Jacobsen and the ‘Egg Chair’

Jacobsen perfected the sculpting of the Egg and Swan in his garage, working for hours on end moulding the plaster around chicken wire at weekends.

Refurbished Herman Miller Aeron Chair Review

Herman Miller replacement Aeron chair parts

To help you quickly find your replacement part for your Herman Miller we have pulled together a list of the most popular spare parts you can find for ...Read More

Nouhaus Massage Chair Review

Nouhaus Massage Chair Review

The Nouhaus N-0001 Massage Chair is a chair that will fit in your house, and your life, as part of your daily healthcare regime.

Charles Pollock Swag Leg Chair History

Charles Pollock swag leg chair for Herman Miller

Pollock and Nelson developed the DAF Swag Leg Armchair together, it is now a much coveted vintage design classic.

Herman Miller Time Life Lobby Chair

Herman Miller’s Time Life Lobby Chair and a game of chess

In the midst of the Cold War, American Bobby Fischer is lined up to play Russia's Boris Spassky in the 1972 World Championship in Reykjavik, the chess...Read More

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