Where can I buy a refurbished Herman Miller Aeron?

We all know that Herman Miller Aeron chairs can be eye wateringly expensive. We tell you where best to pick up online a refurbished Aeron chair.

Why buy a refurbished Aeron Chair?

The Herman Miller Aeron chair is the most iconic and durable ergonomic office chair on the market today. The Aeron’s durability and dependability, as well as its high price point and demand, makes it a premium, must have product which has resulted in a thriving resale market for second hand Aerons.

New Herman Miller Aeron chairs can be eye wateringly expensive. Sure, they come with a 12-year manufacturer warranty which sort of justifies selling a kidney to cover the cost, but what if you want to buy a refurbished or second-hand Aeron in this market rather than forking out the full amount for a new one?

The pitfalls of buying a refurbished Aeron

With this big resale market though, you have to have your wits about you. You don’t want to end up with a no-guarantee, Frankenstein ‘Aeron’ made up out of a multitude of parts from a mix of clapped out chairs.

With a used Aeron chair, you have the potential to save hundreds of dollars but It is important you take some time to weigh a number of factors when deciding whether you want to purchase a used Aeron verses a new one, the biggest one being the chair’s age and as a result how hard a life it has had.

This is important because when you purchase a used or refurbished Aeron, you get no guarantee of how old that chair actually is, or how well or poorly it was taken care of by its previous owner. It’s not uncommon to see 8 to 12-plus-year-old chairs (even as high as 20 years) on the resale market. 

The older the chair the greater the chance something will go wrong with the chair and that your recently purchased Aeron will invariably need to be repaired under its warranty (if it has one).

If you want to know how old your chair is, look at the bottom of the chair. Underneath the seat of a new authentic Aeron chair, there is a sticker that will list the manufactured date as well as other specific information needed to support the Herman Miller 12-year warranty that comes with your chair. On used chairs, dealers often remove this sticker in an attempt to hide the age of the chair.

Refurbished v Used Aeron chairs

This leads us nicely onto what is the difference between a used and refurbished chair? Sometimes sellers refer to used chairs as refurbished.

A refurbished chair is still a used chair. It just means that it has undergone inspection and that anything broken has been fixed or replaced and the chair has been re-oiled, cleaned and polished up.

refurbished Aeron chair
Aeron chair

Remember, if you are looking to buy a new Aeron and the seller isn’t an authorized or official Herman Miller reseller, the chair that you are buying won’t come directly from Herman Miller and isn’t guaranteed to be genuine or use all genuine Herman Miller parts. 

Unauthorized resellers might even avoid listing the fact that their chairs are used. So, you might think you’re getting a new Aeron when in fact you’re getting a second-hand chair and could end up paying the full price.

Warranties for your Aeron chair

When you are considering whether to buy a used Aeron chair versus a new one, you also have to think about the warranty and guarantee that is going to back your purchase. Not all warranties are created equal.

In Summary:

  • New Aeron Chair – Comes with a Herman Miller 12-year warranty.
  • Used (Non-Refurbished) – May or may not come with a guarantee. It totally depends on the reseller (private or commercial). They generally don’t come with a warranty.
  • Used (Refurbished) – Generally come with a multitude of different length and type of warranties that may or may not cover what you are expecting them to. You need to check them out.

Because a used Aeron chair’s warranty is serviced by the reseller it’s a good idea to make sure you trust the reseller. A used Aeron is already an older chair which makes the chance of a part breaking more likely. We recommend reviewing reseller warranties in detail and see if you can find reviews from other customers that had their chairs repaired and warranties honored.

New vs used Aeron chair prices

This is the bit we are all interested in. How much can we actually save by buying a refurbished Aeron. As of June 2020, ballpark prices for new, used and refurbished, Aeron chairs are:

  • New – (Latest Design Aeron Chair) Approx $1,500 from the manufacturer or authorised reseller.
  • Refurbished with warranty – (Latest Design Aeron Chair) Approx $1,200 from an authorised or non-authorised seller/reseller.
  • Used – (may be the new or older design, may come with some warranty or not) $700 – $900. Private seller or commercial seller.

Remember that retailers and resellers will often list the lowest configuration price. This is often a configuration without arms or many of the ergonomic adjustments most of us want on the chair. Just make sure you are comparing like for like.

Our recommendation on where best to buy a used Aeron chair

All of this means that our recommended way to save yourself a few hundred dollars, but still be able to sleep at night questioning whether you have chucked away the better part of $850 is to consider something like the Amazon Renewed program.

The chair you buy will cost a bit more than buying from a reseller website, but you know it will be backed by Amazon itself and they are famous for supporting the buyers of their products, their reputation depends on it.  Amazon themselves state this about their Amazon Renewed program.

Amazon Renewed is your trusted destination for pre-owned and refurbished products that are professionally inspected and tested to work and look like new. A Renewed supplier who is Amazon-qualified performs a full diagnostic test, replaces any defective parts, and thoroughly cleans the product. The product may have minimal scratches or dents. Box may be generic and accessories may not be original, but will be compatible and fully functional.


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