What is the best kneeling chair for back pain?

Best Kneeling Chair for Back Pain
Best Kneeling Chair for Back Pain

The best kneeling chair for back pain is?

Simply the best kneeling chair for you. All kneeling chairs whether they are traditional wooden Scandinavian rocking style such as the Varier Balans, or the hi tech, fully adjustable, with back support, Vivo Dragonn, will help reduce your back pain.

What is important is that if you want to use a kneeling chair to reduce your back pain, you have to choose a chair that suits your lifestyle, behaviour, body size and budget.

No kneeling chair whatever it costs or looks like is going to reduce your back ache if you do not use it and just leave it in a corner. It has to be part of your day to day living and whatever you choose you have to give yourself time to get used to it.

This is because they are different to normal ergonomic office chairs and it will take some time for both your body and your mindset to adjust to using a kneeling chair, but we promise you that once you do, you will never look back.

If you want to know more on how to choose the best kneeling chair for you, check out our in-depth article on what to look for in a kneeling chair, as well as the best kneeling chairs on the market to suit your requirements.

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