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Stefan Lengyel
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Stefan Lengyel -Born Budapest 1937

After high school he studied at the Design College of Budapest. In 1961 he attained a diploma in Industrial Design and state exam in philosophy and aesthetics. He then began his freelance design career in Hungary.

From 1962 to 1964 he worked as an assistant at the technical college of Budapest and from 1964 to 1965 as assistant at the Graphic Design College of Ulm (Hochschule für Gestaltung), where he began his collaboration with Hans Gugelot.

In 1965 opened his own design studio in Essen. In 1965 he became a lecturer at the Essen Folkwangschule in Graphic Design, which in 1972 joined the city’s newly founded university. In 1969 he managed the industrial design division and was in 1981 appointed professor of industrial design at the university.

Since 1992 Stefan Lengyel has been professor honoris causa at the Hungarian University of Craft and Design of Budapest. He is a member of the “Design Leadership” advisory board at the University of Art and Design of Helsinki and a guest professor in many universities worldwide such as Budapest, Columbus Ohio, Helsinki, Montreal, Beijing and Tokyo.

He is a member of the board of directors of the North Rhine Westphalia Design Centre in Essen and of the German Design Council in Frankfurt. From 1986 to 2000 he was president of the German Industrial Designers’ Association (VDID) and has since 2000 been honorary president.

He has been a consultant for many copyright issues and a juror in numerous German and foreign prize commissions such as the coveted German Gute Form prize, Design Innovation, North Rhine Westphalia Design Centre in Essen, IF Industrie Forum Design in Hanover, Krohnberg Braun Prize, Frankfurt Design Plus, Ljubljana Biennale Industrial Design, Austrian Vienna Design Award, Hungarian Budapest Design Award, Goldstar Seoul Award, Taipei Phone Booth Award, Milan EIMU Office Design Forum and SMAU Industrial Design Competition Award held in Milan, Italy.

Since 1961 he has run his own design studio, freelance design and Consulting activity. His clients include Miele, Aral and Rosenthal with products such as petrol pumps, fuelling robots and filling station equipment (ARAL), compressors (BOGE); projectors (Liesegang); measuring and regulation devices (Krohne, Rheinmetall); geophysical meters (DMT); laser printers (BDT); light switching units (Berker); control rooms (Ruhrgas, Stadtwerke Passau); security and locking systems (Dorma); ATMs (Schulte-Schlagbaum); high pressure cleaners (Franksche Eisenwerke); refuse containers (Edelhoff); exhibition system (Wissenschaftszentrum Bonn); conference furniture range (Mauser, Sedus).

Many of his products received awards from institutions such as Stuttgart Design Center, IF Industrie Forum Design of Hanover and North Rhine Westphalia Design Centre of Essen.

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