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Roberto Sambonet
Roberto Sambonet
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Roberto Sambonet (Vercelli 1924 – Milan 1995)

Sambonet studied architecture at the University of Milan and in 1946 dedicated himself to painting.

In the early fifties, after gaining much success in Europe and Brazil as painter and drawer, he decided to turn his hand mainly to design and opened a studio in Milan.

He worked with Alvar Alto in 1953, the year in which the family business that had begun life in the nineteenth century was turned into a modern factory making sophisticated stainless steel articles.

From 1954 Roberto Sambonet was involved in the designing of the objects they manufactured, including steel plates, cutlery and the famous fish-kettle, and over the following years he also worked for other companies using a range of materials such as glass, crystal and porcelain.

He took part in the eighth Milan Triennale in 1956 and from that year until 1960 held the position of art director for Zodiac magazine.

His graphic art work for several companies was important, clients including the likes of La Rinascente, Pirelli, Alfa Romeo and the Sambonet company itself.

He was awarded the Compasso d’Oro prize in the years 1956, 1970, 1979 and 1995.

The collection of articles includes the fish-kettle, stainless steel containers and cutlery for the Sambonet company, the Empilage glasses for Baccarat and fabrics for MTS. 

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