Nouhaus Palette Ergonomic Office Chair Review

Nouhaus Palette ergonomic office chair review
Nouhaus Palette ergonomic office chair

Looking for a colorful office chair? Check out our Nouhaus Palette chair review

With more and more of us working from home due to the Covid pandemic, and as more companies push their employees to work from home long term, more of us need to find some space that we can now call our ‘office’.

Most of us though don’t have spare rooms floating around that we can convert as and when we want, and find ourselves perched on the edge of our kitchen tables, fighting with the laptop and the wifi.

Also, let’s be honest, most office chairs, whilst they are functional are pretty well, ugly. The Nouhaus Palette office chair though, is brilliant if you are short on space and need an office chair that not only feels good, but looks good as well and can fit into any modern room without turning it into an office.

The Palette chair. is zingy and colorful and will brighten any room. It comes in five colours and will suit any modern room ,and is built to last. It is comfortable and very good value for money when compared to other top quality stylish office chairs.

The Nouhaus Palette comes in the following five colours on a solid white frame:

  • Red
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Slate

Feature Summary for the Nouhaus Palette office Chair:

  • Height Variable Arms: Adjust and lean with secure vertical and horizontal strength. If you don’t want ams you can also remove them in seconds.
  • ‘Just-For-Me’ Adjustable Lumbar Support: Manually Adjustable for optimized back support. Having a chair with lumbar support is one of the most critical aspects of your chair. The lumbar will support the natural curve of your spine. It helps your posture, reduces pressure, and provides healthy back support
  • Supportive Open Cell Foam Cushion and Soft ElastoMesh Cover: Support and comfort. Not only does the open cell foam cushion support you when you most need it most, the Elastomesh Cover, breathes and helps reduce moisture and dampness, leaving you feeling fresh however long the day has been.
  • With its five nylon wheels you can easily zip back and fore without having to stand up.
  • 135 Degree 2:1 Synchro Tilt: For Combined Backrest and Seat Adjustment. Recline in safety.
  • Class-4 Heavy Duty Hydraulic Gas Lift: Makes raising and lowering your seat a breeze.
  • Five Year Manufacturers Warranty: Manufacturers who offer a generous warranty, believe in the durability and longevity of their product. With Nouhaus, if anything goes wrong with your Palette chair, you know you’re covered.
  • Height Adjustment: Fully adjustable seat height settings, for both the tall and short from at least 5’4″ tall and up to a maximum of 6’2″ in height.
  • The Palette can take a maximum weight of up to 275 pounds.

Nouhaus say that their mission ‘is to go beyond the old idea that furniture should only focus on one thing. In today’s smart and capable world; design, function and affordability is easy – and in fact, fun!  All-encompassing furniture is no longer a luxury that comes with a sacrifice, but instead a luxurious, meaningful must-have for anyone who chooses it.

For us, the Palette ergonomic office chair fully meets the brief, and we highly recommend it as a stylish and functional addition to anyone’s home or temporary office.

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Putting together the NOUHAUS Palette Chair

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