Nouhaus N-0001 Massage Chair Review

Nouhaus N-0001 Massage Chair

The Nouhaus N-0001 Massage Chair suits your home perfectly.

Let’s be honest, most massage chairs are big and ugly and better designed for a dentist’s surgery or Sci-fi movie than your home. They may feel amazing and help your health tremendously, but they look like a hulking carbuncle, and most end up as a rarely used eyesore stuck in some room somewhere.

The Nouhaus N-0001 Massage Chair though is different. It is a portable (as massage chairs go), compact, chair that looks as good as it feels. It harks back to the late 1950’s and early sixties style and excitement of Nordic design and the New York TV Classic ‘Mad Men’.

Arne Jacobsen egg chair
Arne Jacobsen egg chair

At Nordic Design Review we love mid-century design classics of this era and when we saw this Massage Chair, it immediately reminded us of Arne Jacobsen’s design classic, the 1958 ‘Egg Chair’ for the Radisson SAS hotel in Copenhagen.

With Its half-dome with splayed metal leg style, you can immediately see how the Nouhaus has been thought through and echoes the curvaceous lines of Arne Jacobsen’s ‘egg’.

Its mid-century shape lends itself perfectly to its retro colors and the Nouhaus is available in Mustard, Burgundy and Brown, PU Leather with Luxury Diamond Cut Stitching.

Key features of the N-0001 Massage Chair by Nouhaus

  • Just Relax: With its total spine I-Track Rollers, Adjustable Placement Hip-Massage Airbags and Full Body Heating, the N-0001 Massage Chair melts the days tensions from your neck, all the way to your hips and buttocks!
  • The Massage you deserve: The N-0001 Massage programme starts with a neck massage and gives you 35 kneads per minute, finishing down at your glutes. All of this helping to relieve sciatica, back pain and any lower back tension you may have. Its 3 Airbags gently massage your hips whilst the neck cushion can be removed to offer you a deeper, stronger massage.
  •  Multiple Massage Programs: The Nouhaus N-0001 comes with a number or programmed massage settings including a full body massage or spot massages to target your back or glutes.
  • Recliner: To save space and weight and make it as compact as possible, the Nouhaus N-0001 is an incliner not a recliner. It comes though with a matching foot stool to help you totally relax and stretch out in comfort. You will barely notice the difference.
  • Height and Size: The N-0001 sits 18” off the ground, is 67.7lbs in weight and its dimensions are 37 x 27.6 x 42.9 inches.
  • Style and Colors: The Nouhaus N-0001 comes in 3 retro colors (mustard, burgundy and brown) to suit any room.
  • Weight Capacity: The Maximum weight capacity of this compact chair is 260lbs with a maximum inside hip width of 40”.
  • Try Risk Free For 30-Days: Nouhaus are so confident you will love this chair; it comes with their special money back guarantee. They say, ‘Love it for the style as much as how it feels, or we’ll refund every cent’. You can’t get any better than that.
  • Warranty: It comes with a manufacturer’s 3-Year Warranty and guaranteed fast Customer Service direct from Nouhaus.

About Nouhaus:

Nouhaus are an American furniture design company and manufacturer. They say about themselves:

‘Since separating ourselves from the world of mass-produced furniture, it’s become our mission to go beyond the old idea that furniture should only focus on one thing. In today’s smart and capable world, design without function makes no sense, neither does function without beauty, middle-men and cheaply made. Now, all-encompassing furniture is no longer a luxury that comes with a sacrifice, but instead a luxurious, meaningful must-have for anyone who chooses it’.

And they say about the N-0001 Massage Chair:

‘Behind every Nouhaus chair is a full service inhouse team. Each team includes no less than a full time Creative Designer, Architect, Posturologist, and Engineer. And when you consider the Precision Mechanics, Ergonomic Shape, and Mid-Century Design on the N-0001, you can agree this cohesive team working together is crucial and costly, unknown outsourcing is not an option.’

Our final thoughts at Nordic Design Review on the Nouhaus N-0001 Massage Chair.

It is not a full recliner like some massage chairs but is a fraction of the price of the others chairs and with the complementary foot stool you will not notice the difference.

What you will notice and appreciate is how compact it is and is a chair that will fit in your house, and your life as part of your daily healthcare regime.

Best of all, if you have any doubts it comes with a risk free, 30-day trial that is also backed by a three-year manufacturer warranty. So, at the end of the day what do you have to lose? You have an awful lot to gain.

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