Nouhaus Ergo3d Ergonomic Office Chair Review

Nouhaus Ergo3d Ergonomic Office Chair Review
Nouhaus Ergo3d Ergonomic Office Chair Review

Nouhaus Ergo3d Review

Nouhaus’ as a name sounds German, it hints at a ‘new house’, and people often call them ‘nauhous’ or ‘nouhous’. In reality they are as American as they come and are based out of Monterrey Park in California. They build and design in house and do not outsource their production. They are proud of their non-corporate size and that their furniture is not widely available through big box stores as they call them.

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Nouhaus specialise in chairs and ergonomic seating furniture for the office and home. They describe themselves as ‘creators of design led functional furniture’, and we agree with the focus on functional, enlivened by the design. 

They offer good quality, well designed seating at a fraction of the price of other better known American furniture brands.

The Nouhaus Ergo 3D Ergonomic Office Chair has an in your face curvaceous design and is totally up front. It is fully adjustable, durable, and will keep you sitting comfortably for hours at a time. It works when you work.

It is the desk chair you want for the long hours you have to put in, now you are working more from home due to Covid. Unlike the Nouhaus Palette chair which isa beautiful, casual office chair for more occasional use, the ergo3d is an ergonomic office chair that you will be glad you chose. Its heavy duty and is mean to last but is to be honest not as well known as other popular brands desk chairs.

This is a shame, because Nouhaus pride themselves on the quality of their chairs which range from compact massage chairs, to casual chairs to sofas and of course their office chair range.

When I look for an office chair I look for a chair that will last, is ergonomic and will suit me (I am quite short) and to be honest about it I prefer mesh office chairs to padded ones, because I feel less sweaty and drained at the end of the day. with a mesh seat I also like office chairs that are fully adjustable, and have adjustable arms like the 3d adjustable features on the Ergo 3d.

I also tend to move around a lot and propel myself on a chair whilst sitting down, this means I need a chair which you can change the wheels on, from carpet wheels to hard wood floor wheels.

This chair is the ultimate if you want adjustability. It is designed for heavy use, comfort and durability and is welcomed by those who spend hours sitting on their butts and need a comfortable, adjustable, quality chair with breathable seat covers to keep them fresh, however long the job takes to get done.

The ergo3d comes in four muted colours, grey, black, burgundy, blue, and is built to last. It can take a weight of up to 275 pounds and comes with a five year manufacturer warranty and 30 day money back guarantee. When you buy the Nouhaus Ergo 3d, you can buy it, safe in the knowledge that your purchase is secure.

The standout features of the Nouhaus Ergo3d Office Chair:

  • Fully Adjustable Arms: 3D fully adjustable armrests, go forwards, back, up and down, and rotate for the best fit to your body, and if you don’t like arms on your chairs you can just remove them in seconds.
  • 3D Adjustable Lumbar Support: Manually Adjustable for optimized back support.
  • Two sets of wheels: Carpet or hardwood easy glide wheels, it comes with both.
  • Supportive Open Cell Foam Cushions: with non-wiry ElastoMesh Covers. Help keep you comfortable and fresh regardless of how much you use the chair.
  • 135 Degree 2:1 Synchro Tilt: Gives you have up to 135° of tilt to keep you in the perfect position for your next task, or to simply lounge back and relax and have time to think.
  • Smooth Chair Lift: Class-4, five point, secure, heavy duty hydraulic gas lift that is ideal for adults up to 275 lb in weight.
  • Risk Free Purchase: Try the Ergo3D now risk free for 30-Days and feel the difference it makes to your life.
  • 5-Year Warranty: You get full peace of mind with a manufacturers five year warranty. Just sign up with NOUHAUS when you receive your chair.

Final thoughts on our nouhaus chair review

The Nouhaus Ergo3d UK is a comfortable; solid, dependable, good quality ergonomic office chair/computer chair. It offers a multitude of features and small details that will help you stay relaxed throughout the day, and comes with a risk free change of mind guarantee plus, a five year manufacturers warranty.

All this means that this is a workhorse that you can be sure of. It is built to last, and built for comfort, and you can be sure that it will help you do your job as well as it does its.  For us it delivers on all counts, and at a fraction of the price of other more well known brands.

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