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Eva Brummer textile designer
Eva Brummer textile designer
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Eva Brummer 1901 – 2007 (Finland)

Eva Brummer was an art teacher who designed ryijy patterns,tapestries and household textiles. She shared her time between teaching during the winter and designing during the summer holidays. 

She knew well the Finnish ryijy tradition and she wanted to develop ryijy as a modern art form. She was an innovator who varied long and short piles to give the desired impression. The piles were richly multicoloured. 

Brummer respected highly the weavers and their skills. She wanted to cooperate closely with them in order to share the impression with them. Her best-known ryijy is perhaps Seepra (Zebra) which is very minimalistic with only black and white colours.

Her early ryijys have been displayed already in the Milan Triennal of 1933 and the Paris World Exhibition of 1937 and later in 1950s in the Milan Triennals.

Eva Brummer exhibitions and awards include: Diploma d´Onore, Triennale di Milano, 1933; Diplome d´Argent, Paris World Exhibition, 1937; grand prix, Triennale di Milano, 1951; Diploma d´Onore, Triennale di Milano, 1954; Diplona d´Oro, Triennale di Milano 

Example of a Ryijy – Hand-made ryijy, 1936

Hand-made ryijy, 1936
Hand-made ryijy, 1936
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