Choosing the right office chairs for your business

Choosing the right office chairs for your business

Choose the right office chair for you

The right, ergonomic office chairs can do wonders for your business. A quality office chair is especially necessary for those who spend a great deal of time sitting at a desk or in front of the computer.

An ergonomic chair helps you achieve proper, comfortable and adjustable sitting postures.  This in turn translates into reduced strain on the lower back and thus fewer complaints of back ache.

Apart from providing a comfortable working position, good office chairs also enhance productivity and eliminate absenteeism.

Traditional office chairs of the past often restricted comfortable postures. However, the new generation office chairs today meet basic standards of comfort, adjustability and affordability.

Comfort level of an office chair indicates how well it supports the back, legs, buttocks, and arms. Ergonomic construction of backrest, seat, armrests, and base is an integral segment of comfortable office chairs.

The adequate support of good chairs almost completely eliminates inconvenient postures that may lead to strain and pain at the end of the day.

Before purchasing office chairs, it is important to consider your unique office environment. For instance, if more than one employee uses a certain office chair during the day, it is vital to consider the feature of easy adjustability.

Adjustability enables a variety of sitting postures for a single user or multiple users. It is obviously impossible to judge the adjustable nature of a chair simply by viewing it. Thus, it is best to try out various sitting positions on different office chairs and decide on the one that provides adequate support and comfort.

There are a few guidelines to be followed while shopping for office chairs. Firstly, ensure that the backrest of the chair is aligned with the natural curvature of your spine to provide adequate support to your lower back.

Next, check if the height of the chair permits resting your feet on the floor. Then examine how soft and comfortable the seat of the chair and the armrests are.

Finally, it is best to go in for a chair with a five-ended base on rollers that enable easy movement in any direction.

In response to changing office décor demands, there are plenty of internationally acclaimed furniture dealers who bring you the best in office furniture.

Purchasing from such certified dealers is a great way to ensure the quality and durability of your office furniture. You also get to choose from a wide variety of designs on display at the dealers.

In addition, these dealers may also be able to deliver customized chairs as per your requirements.

Contemporary Office Chairs – Perfect Blend of Style and Functionality

In today’s fast-paced and competitive business world, people are spending more time than ever before in their office chair. Everyone knows that such a deskbound lifestyle is a sure shortcut to obesity and stress-related conditions.

However, not many people are aware that uncomfortably stylish office chairs may lead to many more health risks. Studies prove that countless working hours in an uncomfortable office chair will undoubtedly result in back aches, neck pains, and stiffness from bad posture.

Thus, it is vital to carefully balance the elements of style and functionality when it comes to choosing the right office chair.

Office Chair Styles – From chic to cozy

The more investment and effort you take to enhance your office environment, the more confident your clients will be in working with you. Elegant office chairs and executive visitor chairs certainly exude an air of professionalism and superior service.

Leather chairs and mesh office chairs are excellent examples of striking office furniture that creates an impression of a top-notch office setting.

Nothing creates a better impression than a classic leather office chair. In spite of continual innovations in office décor, leather office chairs continue to have a prized spot in most modern offices.

Ever since their advent, leather chairs have symbolized the fundamental business values of strength and solidity. Leather visitor chairs play a major role in impressing potential clients. 

A thoughtful layout of leather office chairs with matching leather visitor chairs creates a wonderfully calm and confident office atmosphere that is sure to impress anyone who walks in.

During their introduction in the 1990s, the sleek mesh chairs went a long way in conveying the serious, do-or-die approach of modern business. In addition to the good looks, mesh chairs also score well on functionality.

Most segments of a mesh chair – the armrests, seat height, backrest and adjustable lumbar support – are well adjustable. The earlier versions of mesh office chairs featured mesh that was rough to the touch and gradually experienced sagging.

Today however, modern, ergonomic mesh chairs are made with high-grade mesh that is comfortable for use and strong enough to resist sagging.

Rolling Office Chairs Are ‘In’

Rolling office chairs constitute an important segment of office furniture that has found wide acceptance all over the world. The obvious advantage of rolling chairs over fixed ones is the ease of movement it offers.

Rolling chairs also feature additional benefits like great support and flexibility. With rolling office chairs, one can simply keep gliding to and fro from the office desk to the cabinet or computer without having to stand up and walk each time.

By thus saving on time and effort, rolling chairs help enhance productivity. In general, rolling chairs are designed to suit about 95 percent of adult employees.

As in the case of all other office chairs, it is important to try out the leather chair, rolling chair or mesh office chair before actually deciding to purchase one. It is best to sit down in different postures on various models to determine the most comfortable one of all.

The right model of office chair goes a long way in enhancing employee comfort, productivity and attitude.

What To Look For When Choosing New Office Chairs

There are many different types of office chairs to choose from. When you look at online stores or retail stores that sell office chairs, you likely feel a little daunted with the number of choices that are available.

To the casually observant eye, office chairs can look very similar. There does not seem to be much difference other than color and material, and little difference in shape and size.

However, there are actually quite a few differences in office chairs, even if they are not obvious or easy to spot, and choosing the right one for your office space can really make a difference in comfort, style and appearance.

Some of the main choices to start with are the type of office chair you are looking for. You can choose from a swivelling task-only office chair, which are not meant to be sat in for periods of time, a secretarial chair, which is an ergonomic chair that is designed for long periods at an office desk, and executive office chairs, which are luxurious and pronounce very loudly that the boss sits in that chair!

From there, you can also choose from low back, mid back and high back office chairs, depending on your own personal choice for comfort. Chair back heights are usually only optional in swivel chairs. There are also options in chair arms, from none at all to adjustable heights.

The best place to start is to consider where you will be using the chair and how you will be using it. For people who will be sitting at a desk for longer periods of time, ergonomic chairs, which are constructed to be perfectly positioned, reducing strain and comfort issues.

If you are choosing a chair for an executive position, you will want to choose a plush executive chair. These office chairs are often high backed and upholstered in luxurious materials, primarily high-quality leather.

For receptionist positions or other office positions, ergonomic is the way to go, coupled with swivel capabilities. For many office positions, especially secretaries and receptionists, the chair needs to be able to move around easily. You would also want to consider a chair with no arms or adjustable arms so that the employee is not restricted in their movements.

Lumbar support is another important factor to consider, especially for people who will remain at a desk in the same position for quite some time. You will need to choose a chair that has a high back or mid back height and has good back support.

Adjustable height is also important because many people sit at a high desk and require a lot of lift for their chair.

For color choices and material choices, there are many. Finding a chair that fits with your décor in your office space should not be too hard. Gone are the days where office chairs are only black in color, you can choose from a variety of fresh colors to match your room’s color.

Subsequently, your material choices range from cotton to leather and everything in between. Depending on the usage level of your chair, you will want to choose higher quality upholstery that will stand the test of time and not wear out before the chair mechanics do.

With many chair choices available, it can be a daunting task. By taking your search online, you can easily compare chairs for price, colour and options. However, one of the difficulties is to ‘feel’ the chair before you buy it by sitting in it and getting a feel for how well it fits you.

A good option is to stay with neutral, ergonomic chairs that offer some adjustability, or you can head to a retail store and sit in a few office chairs and get an idea of the type and style of chair you want to purchase.

Shopping online for the perfect office chair can save you quite a bit of money and may offer you the option of a higher quality chair than if you shop retail.

Choosing an office chair can be quite a personal decision, not one that most people think of in that light. However, if you spend a lot of time in your office chair, whether at work or in your home office, purchasing the right chair can make a big difference.

A comfortable office chair can mean the difference between being happy in your job and feeling uncomfortable throughout the workday.

If you find that you are often tired and sore after your long day, even though you sit the majority of the time you are at work, look to your office chair as the culprit. Sometimes even a change in your office chair can revamp your whole outlook on your job.

Take a good look at the office chairs available, take a few for a spin and choose the office chair that is right for you and your space.

How to Choose the Best Office Chairs

Office chairs come in different styles and shapes. When it comes to buying ergonomic office chairs, you will be overwhelmed with lots of choices. You will be really confused with the plethora of options available with the modern office chairs.

Your choice of the office chair should be sensible because this decision will play a major role in your health and the work efficiency. Though there are lots of confusing choices for buying office chairs, you can make it really simple to buy office chairs by considering three simple factors.

1. Choose the office chairs based on the type of work

You will be well aware of the fact that not all kinds of office chairs will be suitable for every office. For example, office chairs for people working with multiple workstations/ Computers will have to be moved a lot.

For such kinds of offices, light weight office chairs with a swivelling option will be the best choice. One the other hand, if you don’t require lot of moving around, you can go for the leather ergonomic office chairs.

Such office chairs will be very much comfortable even if you sit in the same place for many hours.

2. Know and meet the physical needs

Physical comfort is very much essential than great looks. Back pain is a major problem faced by people working in workstations for long hours. Some of the office chairs tend to sacrifice the comfort in order to achieve unique looks.

You should always avoid buying such kinds of office chairs. Unlike selecting chairs for your dining room or living room, the choice of office chairs has to be made based on comfort rather than unique design.

You should always buy office chairs with an option to adjust the height according to your wish. 

When it comes to the modern office chairs, you can combine great looks and excellent comfort. For example, the Dayton Office Chair by “Relax The Back” has great looks.

In addition to the great looks, the Dayton Office Chair offers adjustable tilt tension, angle adjustment, height adjustment, and an adjustable backrest.

3. Check the available space

The space factor is the very important aspect to be considered while selecting the office chairs. As already said, office chairs come in all shapes and sizes. Hence you should calculate the available space in your office before heading out to purchase the office chairs.

Buying the office chairs based on the available space will help you avoid the need of office re-modelling.

Highly rated ergonomic chair manufacturers

Highly rated ergonomic chair manufacturers include Herman Miller, Steelcase and Nouhaus. Between them they make a range of ergonomic office chairs at all price points.

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