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Furniture and how it is designed and ultimately how we use it and interact with it, is totally bound up with our lives and how we live. Badly designed furniture may not look ugly but it can have serious negative impact on our live, bodies and mental health. As more and more of us need to work from home due to the global pandemic, we also have to consider what we need for our homes, and new home offices, whether it is an office chair, a drafting table, or decent lighting, this is now becoming a critical question for many. At Nordic Design Review, we look at mid century furniture designs as well as new designs from the Masters such as Herman Miller and the newcomer, Nouhaus.
Bauhaus Wassily Chair Marcel Breuer

THE WASSILY CHAIR (B3) by Marcel Breuer

The Model B3 (Wassily Chair) was one of the earliest products to emerge from the Dessau Bauhaus and helped consolidate the school’s reputation as the leading force in functional design.

paimio chair

The Paimio Sanatorium Chair

Whichever Paimio chair you prefer, you cannot help but marvel at Aalto’s sculptural tour de force that inspired some of the greatest designers of the twentieth century and set the standard for integra...

Herman Miller COSM chair review

Herman Miller its history and timeline

Herman Miller, its timeline, Key products and its history.

Platner chair

The Platner Armchair by Warren Platner for Knoll International

If you want a chair that exudes modern glamour, one with all the curves and padding in the right places, a Marilyn Monroe of chairs, look no further than architect, interior and product designer Warre...

Why do Herman Miller chairs cost so much

Why do Herman Miller Office Chairs Cost So Much?

All of this costs money, the designers, the scientists and the behavioural analysts don't come cheap. Combined with Herman Millers decision to follow strict environmental and material recycling standa...

Where to buy cheap Herman Miller Office Chairs

Where to buy cheap Herman Miller Office Chairs

We tell you where to buy cheap Herman Miller Office Chairs on Amazon Renewed

ELDA armchair Joe Colombo

Joe Colombo and the glove like Elda armchair

Designed to engulf a person, transporting them away to another planet, the Elda is an armchair fit for Colombo's house of the future.

Erik Buch Bar Stool Review

Erik Buch Bar Stool

The Erik Buch Bar Stool. The Bar Stool that launched a thousand cocktails.

G Plan 6250R Easy Chair Review

The G Plan 6250R Easy Chair

Just have to look at the Chesterfield-style and wingback points and imagine what would have gone on in the most recognized British armchair of the sixties.

mid century furniture design

Mid-century American Furniture Design

Mid-century American Furniture Design and key post-war designers

Herman Miller Logitech Embody Gaming Chair Review

Herman Miller launches Logitech Gaming Chair

Herman Miller launches the Embody Logitech Gaming Chair

Nouhaus Ergoflip Office Chair Review

Nouhaus Ergoflip Office Chair Review

The Nouhaus Ergoflip is a good quality ergonomic office chair from a highly reputable company.

Grete Jalk GJ Chair Review

GJ Chair by Grete Jalk and Poul Jeppesen

With the GJ Chair, Grete Jalk took the early plywood experiments of the Eameses and Alvar Aalto to a whole new level.

Herman Miller Aeron Chair Review

How to correctly size your Aeron Chair

This reference helps people select A-, B-, or C-size chairs when the three sizes are not available for actual test sitting.

Charles Pollock executive chair by Knoll International

Charles Pollock Executive Chair, by Knoll

The Pollock Executive Chair, is still available and still meets the same exacting specifications as when it was created by Pollock and Knoll in 1963.