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Carl Pott Solingen 1906 – Solingen 1985

After his full-time education at the age of 14 Carl Pott began his training as a damascene worker in his father’s steel business. At the end of his four year practical training he visited the renowned steel industry college in Solingen and passed his trade exam as a galvaniser.

Shortly afterwards he also attained the master craftsman diploma for this trade. For further career development he attended the Precious Metal Research Institute of the State Technical College in Schwäbisch-Gmünd. 

In 1932 he took over his father’s business in Solingen at the age of 26 and introduced the production of his cutlery lines. After the war years and the resulting shortage of raw materials, regular manufacturer resumed in January 1949.

In the same year Carl Pott founded along with Fritz Helmut Ehmcke the Bavarian section of the German Industrial Union (Deutsches Werkbund). In the 1950s Carl Pott produced more than 10 cutlery designs.

“The classical POTT style evolved without any fancy frills or decorations. His products’ aesthetic appeal lies in its carefully crafted formal Quality. The cutlery’s actual meaning and purpose is the basis of creative designs.”

“His products were internationally renowned For exemplary design and excellent quality and exhibited in more than 30 Museums and design exhibitions (such as the Museum of Modern Art, New York).” 


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