American Design

There is a general misconception that World War II was a dry period for design, but it would be untrue to think that things stood still. In the United States, the Mid-Century Modern movement was already well established, with ground-breaking innovators such as George Nelson, Charles and Ray Eames and Hans and Florence Knoll, designing what would become the defining furniture, dwellings, and accessories of the 20th century. At the same time, American companies such as Herman Miller were also nurturing a raft of cosmopolitan design talent that had arrived from Europe before the outbreak of war. It was in the United States that the ideals of Mid-Century Modernism were almost seamlessly absorbed into society, producing a looser, more organic form of the style that was anchored in the residential sector. The post and beam method of construction made possible the light and airy suburbs of a burgeoning post-war American boom, and this move towards spacious, uncluttered interiors was popularly known as the ‘California Modern’ style. Or what we call ‘American Design’.

Herman Miller Aeron Chair Review

How to correctly size your Aeron Chair

This reference helps people select A-, B-, or C-size chairs when the three sizes are not available for actual test sitting.

charles pollock executice chair by knoll

Charles Pollock Executive Chair, by Knoll

The Pollock Executive Chair, is still available and still meets the same exacting specifications as when it was created by Pollock and Knoll in 1963.

Tulip Chair by Eero Saarinen

The Tulip Chair by Eero Saarinen

Highly competitive, Eames (for Herman Miller) and Saarinen (for Knoll), loved the thrill of cutting each other up with a headline-making design.

We all know that Herman Miller Aeron chairs can be eye wateringly expensive. We tell you where best to pick up online a refurbished Aeron chair.

Herman Miller replacement office chair parts

To help you quickly find your replacement part for your Herman Miller we have pulled together a list of the most popular spare parts you can find for your chair.

Nouhaus N-0001 Massage Chair

Nouhaus N-0001 Massage Chair Review

The Nouhaus N-0001 Massage Chair is a chair that will fit in your house, and your life, as part of your daily healthcare regime.

charles pollock swag leg chair

Charles Pollock swag leg chair for Herman Miller

Pollock and Nelson developed the DAF Swag Leg Armchair together, it is now a much coveted vintage design classic.

Herman Miller Time Life Lobby Chair

Herman Miller’s Time Life Lobby Chair and a game of chess

In the midst of the Cold War, American Bobby Fischer is lined up to play Russia's Boris Spassky in the 1972 World Championship in Reykjavik, the chess equivalent of the prize fight of his life.

American Design

The rise of American Design

The concept of a mid-century design movement was readily embraced in the United States. Fuelled in part by pent-up consumer demand, affordable mortgages for the returning soldiers, and a baby boom, th...

frank Gehry wiggle chair

The Wiggle Side Chair by Frank Gehry

Lovingly carved from a redundant pile of corrugated cardboard he used for building architecture models, Gehry gave the collection of sculpted furniture the name Easy Edges after the edge board from wh...

Herman Miller COSM chair review

Herman Miller Cosm Office Chair Review

Herman Miller call the Cosm 'The Chair for Everyone' and we see why. It looks gorgeous and oozes automated comfort. No more fiddling around with levers.

Marshmallow love seat

The Irving Harper Marshmallow Love Seat

Although it is attributed to George Nelson, the Marshmallow Love Seat was actually designed by Irving Harper, design director at Nelson's own office

Eames Soft Pad Chair 217

Eames Soft Pad Chair 217

A masterful piece of engineering, the 1958 cast aluminium 217 has a seat frame with a continuous piece of stretched synthetic mesh.

The Eames 670 Lounge Chair

The Eames 670 Lounge Chair

Charles Eames wrote that his intention with the 670 lounge chair was to create a chair with the 'warm, receptive look of a well-used first baseman's mitt'.

Herman Miller George Nelson Coconut Chair

Herman Miller and George Nelson’s Coconut Chair

When George Nelson used the Kresge Auditorium as inspiration for his Coconut Chair he didn't imagine he would see his friend leave the building in a coffin

We all know that Herman Miller Aeron chairs can be eye wateringly expensive. We tell you where best to pick up online a refurbished Aeron chair.

Where can I buy a refurbished Herman Miller Aeron?

We all know that Herman Miller Aeron chairs can be eye wateringly expensive. We tell you where best to pick up online a refurbished Aeron chair.