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ergonomic office chair
How to choose a cheap office chair for your home or office

Get the best office chair for the money

We let you know what you should look for when choosing a good value task chair for your home or office.

Platner chair

The Platner Armchair by Warren Platner for Knoll International

If you want a chair that exudes modern glamour, one with all the curves and padding in the right places, a Marilyn Monroe of chairs, look no further t...Read More

Save Money with Amazon Renewed
Why do Herman Miller chairs cost so much

Why do Herman Miller Office Chairs Cost So Much?

All of this costs money, the designers, the scientists and the behavioural analysts don't come cheap. Combined with Herman Millers decision to follow ...Read More

Where to buy cheap Herman Miller Office Chairs

Where to buy cheap Herman Miller Office Chairs

We tell you where to buy cheap Herman Miller Office Chairs on Amazon Renewed

Save money with Amazon Renewed

Save money on big brands with Amazon Renewed

The Amazon Renewed program gives you the opportunity to make some big savings on big ticket and big brand items, safe in the knowledge that you are ba...Read More

ELDA armchair Joe Colombo

Joe Colombo and the glove like Elda armchair

Designed to engulf a person, transporting them away to another planet, the Elda is an armchair fit for Colombo's house of the future.

Erik Buch Bar Stool Review

Erik Buch Bar Stool

The Erik Buch Bar Stool. The Bar Stool that launched a thousand cocktails.

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